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Our gift should reflect that."

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View our new book, The Graduate's Almanac.
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Full of humor and good advice, the book explains all the
Life 101 topics rarely taught in school:

  • dinner etiquettetravel insurance
  • investinghappiness
  • 401(k)smortgages
  • buying vs. leasing a carHMOs and PPOs
  • sassy words like "deductions"alumni giving
  • remote worktaxes
  • auto insuranceapartment leases
  • LGBTQcredit
  •  and much more...

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What's new in The Graduate's Almanac?

Lots! Read all about our new book for the '20-'21 year.

Why is it titled The Graduate's Almanac?

One definition of an almanac is "a handbook, typically published annually, containing information of general interest." The name is unique and describes our content well.
You can change the title if you customize the book.

How often do you update your books?

We usually make minor edits (e.g., pop-culture references) every two to three years. Most of the content is timeless. The book was last updated in late 2020.

Can I get a sample copy to review?

Yes, request your free copy.