“We'd like to give an online version.”

Give our popular content as an eBook.
View an example below with a custom title, cover, and insert.


How can the eBook be customized?

Add a custom outside cover, inside cover, 8-page insert, book title, and background color.

How can I share the eBook?

Email graduates a link to a full-screen view or embed the eBook on your own website (we'll send you a snippet of code).

What is the cost?

Our annual license cost is based on your audience size (e.g., number of graduates) and level of customization. Contact us for any questions.

How long can graduates view the book?

They can view your eBook for only 365 days, but they can download the content as a PDF during this time for easy reference forever.

Can the book be viewed on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device?


Does the license have any restrictions?

Yes, your eBook cannot be shared outside your audience (e.g., don’t share a link with all alumni if you paid only for seniors), your cover must include audience-specific language (e.g., “For the class of 2021”), and you cannot print and distribute the book.

Can I display the eBook as 1-page or 2-page (spread) format?

Yes, we offer both options.

Do you offer stats on downloads or views?

No, unfortunately we do not.